5 Tips to Convert More at Checkout

Your inventory is priced right and ready to move. You’ve optimized your product pages with excellent content and beautiful images. You’ve worked hard to drive traffic to your site. And those visitors have filled their shopping carts. Now you have to turn those shoppers into buyers. Here are five tips that will help you convert at that critical moment when your customers are ready to check out.

1.) Offer more ways to pay

The way your customers pay for products and services is rapidly evolving. Consumers now expect flexibility and control when it comes to payments, which means you need to go beyond just accepting credit cards. Fortunately online businesses have several options to choose from. PayPal is currently the most popular, with 110 million active accounts and 48% usage in the marketplace. Across all the brands, customers who use digital payment solutions tend to be younger and more affluent than the average shopper.

2.) Make it simple

An overly complicated checkout process is one of the top causes of abandon shopping carts. Your customers want an easy, convenient buying experience. So streamline the steps and only ask for the essential information you need to complete the transaction. This is another area where a digital payment solution can help—the easiest way to remember your credit number is not need to. Anything you can do to reduce friction and distractions will help you increase sales.

3.) Make it fast

Speed of checkout is also crucial. Additional steps, like creating a new account or entering in billing and shipping addresses, can push shoppers away. One option is offering guest checkout for customers who don’t want to create an account. You can also leverage an existing account, like PayPal or Google Wallet, to pull in relevant information like addresses. As with simplicity, fewer clicks and less information to enter lead directly to more completed transactions.

4.) Be trusted and secure

Your customers want to know that their personal and financial information is safe. So they look for trust indicators, like the padlock icon in their browser that show the site is secured with an SSL certificate, as well as seals from consumer protection organizations. Make sure your site and any associate payment options instill confidence in your consumers. Also reassure buyers that their satisfaction is guaranteed. Your return policy, process and customer service information should be comprehensive and easy to find.

5.) Promote offers before checkout

Present any offers that will show up in your shopping cart before the customer enters the checkout flow. Free shipping, coupon codes or financing can influence the decision to buy while they are browsing your site. You can reinforce these options once they are in the process of checking out, but they should know about these offers in advance.

Remember, the payment options you accept can be considered an offer. Displaying accepted payment types on your home  page or product pages can influence purchasing decisions, especially with first-time customers. A recent study from True Action Network showed that 70% of PayPal Express Checkout users are new to that merchant.

Wrap up

You have the power to turn shoppers into buyers. Optimizing your checkout process with the right payment solutions can have a significant impact on your sales. And you can start implementing some of these best practices today with the simple payment solution setup built in to Bigcommerce. Check out your options, it’ll just take a few seconds, and improve your checkout today.


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