3 Brand-Building Gems from eCommerce Pros

Launching a new online store can be a downright daunting task for anyone. When you are first starting out, often times the hardest part is building up your brand. Here are a few tips from three seasoned e-commerce pros.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service 

To quote Sean here, focus on offering “insane customer service.” To this day, Sean still writes handwritten thank you letters to all of his customers.

Multi-Channel Marketing

When you are just starting out, you probably are not going to have 2,000 visitors clamoring to buy your products every single day. You are going to need to market your products on bigger stages, like eBay and Amazon. One app that many of our clients, including Ken Varoli, use for this purpose is ChannelUnity. 

Stay positive and don’t give up.

Running an online store can be a little bit like riding a rollercoaster. You are going to have good months and bad ones. As Adam advised another client in the Bigcommerce community forum,“ the best thing to do is to stay calm and keep chugging along.” That means if you have a down month, use that time to perfect your SEO, blog, perfect your customer service processes and most importantly focus on all the important things that you don’t have time to do in your busier sales months.

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